Campus Life


The concept of the workplace is ever-changing. For those rooted to science and the application of science, labs are quite often the deciding factor when choosing somewhere to locate. However, at the York Biotech Campus, we believe that a workplace is much more than just a lab.

It’s where your workforce will spend their time and it’s important that their experience is fulfilling and they are happy working on the campus. We’re not that sum total of 14 science blocks and 4km of lab benching.

We are a community, working alongside each other, collaborating and supporting each other. Sign up to our newsletter to find out more about life on campus and our upcoming events.

“One of the stand out qualities of the York Biotech Campus is the community it has built onsite. Tenants can take advantage of campus events such as Innovation Breakfasts, where we come together and learn from one another’s expertise and research. We also have access to excellent facilities such as the conference centre and restaurant, as well as a wide range of communal breakout spaces.”

Alex Chapman
Head of Operations, Labskin