Campus Diaries: A new dawn for working in biotech


In the first instalment of our new blog series, Campus Diaries, our Innovation Campus Manager, Liz Cashon, shares how working in biotech has changed since the start of 2020 and her thoughts on the future ways of working for the industry, including why science parks are set to become an increasingly popular base for many businesses.

The new laboratory

Biotech companies rely heavily on their lab space, even more so following the advent of Covid-19 as many have been actively involved in the fight against it, including several of our tenants at York Biotech Campus. It was therefore essential they stayed operational when the pandemic hit.

Labs are now a much quieter space, with less people allowed in each lab and ‘work bubbles’ formed to limit contact across workforces.

A significant change for laboratories of the future will be the greater levels of...