Get to Know: Our Facilities Manager


Science parks are complex communities made up of multiple organisations and York Biotech Campus (YBC) is no exception, with a range of bioscience occupiers and over 1,100 employees onsite. We therefore need a top-tier facilities team to keep things running smoothly.

The person responsible for making sure YBC stays a well-oiled machine is Dan Sykes, our Facilities Manager. Dan is responsible for managing the hard services, which include the technical tasks like ongoing building maintenance which is delivered by Arcus Facilities Management. Dan also manages all of the soft services providers, which covers everything from landscaping, security, to the mail room, porterage and more.

We caught up with Dan to learn more about his role, and what he gets up to on a day-to-day basis.

How long have you been at York Biotech Campus?

“I started back when the site...