Celebrating Women in Science


The International Day of Women and Girls in Science (11th Feb 2023) aims to address the gender gap that throughout the years has persisted in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) disciplines of all levels. By profiling the amazing work of women and girls in STEM all over the world, it seeks to address the gender imbalance by encouraging more to choose careers in these fields.

We’re proud that at York Biotech Campus (YBC), we are home to organisations with ambitious and innovative women, but as an industry, women are still sadly under-represented.

In recognition of this day, we spoke to some of these women to find out why they love working in science, their career highlights and their advice to others wanting to join them in the industry.

Heather Aird, UK Health Security Agency (UKSHA)

Providing expert scientific leadership is...

Creating space for Cargill

  We have adapted over 10,000 sq ft of space onsite, including the modification of 3,000 sq ft of laboratory space, in order to welcome an international organisation to the campus. Cargill Bioindustrial, which is part of Cargill, a provider of food, agricultural, financial and industrial...