Campus Community: Holly Steel


York Biotech Campus (YBC) is a bustling science park nestled in the rural heart of Yorkshire. With over twenty years of scientific heritage, YBC is a proven facility for discovery, innovation and success within the bioscience sector and this is in no small part due to our fantastic community.

With a range of bioscience occupiers and over 1,100 employees onsite, there’s a whole host of people who contribute to the community and culture at YBC. In our new blog series ‘Campus Community’ we’re shining a light on some of the people who contribute to making YBC a great place to work and support the invaluable work that takes places on campus.

First up… Holly Steel, Digital Marketing Apprentice at Fera Science.

What does a typical day on campus look like for you?

“I’ve been working at Fera for just under three years now during my apprenticeship....