Meet the Occupier: Labskin


Enabling high quality, animal-free skin research and testing with Europe’s leading 3D skin model

Here at York Biotech Campus, we are home to many fantastic bioscience organisations, all working to find solutions to issues that our world faces.

One of which is Labskin, who offer the only commercially available lab-grown, full thickness human skin model which naturally mimics the real thing. Labskin is used in product development across the globe, acting as a replacement to traditional animal testing.

Labskin joined the campus back in 2014 and has expanded numerous times to keep pace with demand following the success of their product and business model.

From its inception at the University of Leeds to upcoming involvement in the fight against Covid-19, we caught up with Nicola Kingswell, Service Manager at Labskin, to shine a spotlight on the innovative...