Accommodating APHA’s Plant Health Annual Technical Meeting

We’re proud of our conferencing facilities at York Biotech Campus (YBC), and over the years we’ve held a variety of events for occupiers and external organisations at our Lakeside Conference Centre (LCC).

Earlier this year we hosted the Plant Health Annual Technical Meeting (PHATM) for our occupier the Animal Plant Health Agency (APHA). The PHATM is an annual event for the APHA’s Plant Health and Seed Inspectorate (PHSI) which implements and enforces plant health policy in England and Wales.

We caught up with Carol Jackson, the Project Manager for the PHSI’s Technical Extension Team to find out a bit more about this event and their experience organising the PHATM.


Can you tell us a bit about the event?

“The PHATM is an annual three-day event for PHSI staff but we also welcomed other colleagues from APHA and the Department for Environment...