Occupier update: Labskin expands again!


It’s an exciting time for our occupier Labskin, who earlier this year doubled its lab and office space on campus so that it could expand its current services, as well as offer new ones.

And they didn’t stop there. More recently, Labskin has undergone another expansion so it can introduce two new services. This now also means that Labskin occupies over 10,000 sq ft onsite, with five additional lab spaces, office space, storage and cold rooms added during its most recent growth.

So, what are these new services?

1. Welcoming Modern Water
The first is from Modern Water, a world-leading water monitoring company based in the US.

Labskin’s work with Modern Water includes the production of Microtox, a testing system that uses reagents to detect toxins in air, water, soil and sediment. This is the first time ever in the UK that these reagents can be produced, and Microtox has already seen success from across the globe after being used as part of water monitoring regulations in France, Spain and Italy.

2. Targeting a new consumer audience
The company’s second new service is Skin Trust Club, which is Labskin’s first venture into offering a consumer product.

Skin Trust Club offers customers a personalised skin type and skincare recommendations based on a sample that they take at home and post for lab analysis here on campus. Once analysed, customers can use the Skin Trust Club’s app to track their skin health over time and receive insights into their skin type.

The service launched in October and has already won a commended award at the Pure Beauty Awards 2021 in the Best New Skin Care Brand category. There are plans for Skin Trust Club to go global too, with a soft launch in the US already under way.

To carry out its new services, Labskin needed lab spaces, office and packing spaces. Three labs were allocated for its Modern Water service, which includes one reagent production, one for quality control and packing, and one for equipment engineering. For Skin Trust Club, Labskin added two labs and one packing room to its space onsite.

In line with expanding its physical presence, Labskin recruited for seven additional team members. Three are dedicated to its Modern Water service and four for Skin Trust Club.

We’re pleased to have supported Labskin on its latest expansion, with our onsite support teams helping to fit-out the new lab and office spaces, making sure that everything went as smoothly as possible.

With two expansions completed in less than a year, the future for Labskin is looking bright. Further cementing its home here on campus, the business is now looking at warehouse and workshop space onsite, so we’re sure it won’t be long before we have another Labskin update!