Occupier update: Welcome to Abingdon Simply Test!


Abingdon Health has had a busy couple of years in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, playing a vital role in developing and manufacturing lateral flow tests.

They even transformed an under-utilised grain store on campus into a leading rapid test manufacturing and research facility to urgently meet demand for mass producing COVID-19 tests.

So, everyone learnt how to use lateral flow tests during the pandemic, however it is less well known that you can use self-testing kits for a range of other conditions and infections – not just simply COVID-19 and pregnancy testing.

Abingdon Health spotted this opportunity in the market and so have taken on a new venture – their first aimed at the general public – called Abingdon Simply Test.


What is Abingdon Simply Test?

Abingdon Simply Test is a new one-stop online shop for rapid home self-tests, focusing on making at home self-testing kits accessible for everyone, so users can get results in minutes rather than worrying and waiting days for lab results.

Abingdon Simply Test offers a variety of at home self-test kits in areas ranging from fertility, health and wellbeing, and infectious diseases.


Which tests do Abingdon Simply Test provide?

The new Abingdon Simply Test service offers a range of at home-self testing kits that some people wouldn’t even know exist! You can now test for Vitamin D deficiency, Urinary Tract Infections, Male Fertility and even Bowel Health in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re strapped for time, can’t get a doctor’s appointment, or would just prefer the privacy that at home self-testing offers, Abingdon Simply Test is designed to empower people to live their lives with more awareness of their own personal health.

The healthcare landscape is rapidly adapting and we’re extremely excited that our occupiers are leading the way when it comes to reacting to these changes, continuously innovating and responding to the demands of the market, whether it’s for business or consumers. We wish them the best with their new service.

Take a look around the Abingdon Simply Test website, and take advantage of their welcome offer with 10% off your first order with discount code: Welcome10

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