Top five benefits of being based at a science park


In 1970, the UK’s first science park was opened in Cambridge by university academics and local consultancy firms to better facilitate the sharing of knowledge between industry, academia, and government.

Fast forward to today, and these clusters of scientific organisations are now staples of the science and technology sector, with over 100 of them in the UK alone.

Due to the close proximity of facilities, talent and knowledge that they offer, they not only enhance the chance for effective and innovative research and development, but they also strengthen the local economy of wherever they’re situated.

We sum up the top five reasons for choosing to base your business at a science park…

1. You’re part of a vibrant community

Science parks are home to world-leading scientific organisations and institutions, bringing together all kinds of interesting and exciting people. These intentional communities provide occupants with a range of opportunities to meet people and create new experiences.

To help our occupiers at York Biotech Campus (YBC) get the most out of being part of our dynamic community, we create networking opportunities with events like our Innovation Lunches, which give the organisations onsite the chance to find out what other similar businesses are doing and share knowledge. Everyone also has access to our Intranet, where individuals can reach out to others for advice or to brainstorm ideas.

Our campus also offers respite to our scientific community by providing informal meeting areas such as our restaurant and atrium, and we also host fun and seasonal community events like our yearly Christmas market.

2. You have plenty of opportunities to collaborate

Being part of these communities and having so many opportunities to network often leads to knowledge sharing, which is really important for start-ups at the beginning of their business journeys, and can also be key for allowing established organisations and academics to further develop. What’s more, some networking opportunities can lead to collaborations.

For instance, in 2022, Abingdon Health and Deepverge worked together to develop new lateral flow tests for Deepverge’s life science home test portfolio.

Over the years we have been the birthplace of collaborations which have created innovative scientific marvels, including a first of its kind water testing facility situated on our site, developed by Fera Science in partnership with Centre for Crop Health and Protection (CHAP) and supported by Innovate UK.

3. You have state-of-the-art equipment and resources

Being based at a science park often means you have access to modern facilities and equipment that aren’t always available to science organisations based elsewhere.

At YBC we pride ourselves on the versatility of the space and facilities we can offer, working closely with occupiers to create flexible workspaces to suit their needs. From workshops to clean rooms, head offices to large open plan labs, our infrastructure and adaptable space means we can support all different kinds of scientific innovations.

Science parks often have facilities beyond the lab and office as well. YBC is home to a purpose-built conference centre, Lakeside Conference Centre (LCC). The LCC can seat 250 people in its auditorium and offers exhibition space and a range of flexible meeting rooms, as well as fully integrated audio-visual equipment. It’s perfect for organisations on campus to host everything from large scale events, to smaller meetings and workshops, all from the comfort of their own work environment!

4. You get the support of a campus management team

One of the bonuses of leasing space at a science park is the support of a campus management team to keep administrative services running smoothly. YBC has a fully managed reception area, spacious visitor waiting centre and 24/7 security, as well as unified voice and data infrastructure including secure data rooms.

Cleaning, porterage, postal and handyman services are also on hand, ensuring important parcels are always delivered and workspaces stay clean and up to code. We also provide waste management services, which includes the correct disposal of contaminated, special and chemical waste.

Our campus management team guarantees our occupiers’ peace of mind, meaning they can focus their energy on science and innovation.

5. You have access to fantastic facilities

Modern science parks are established communities, designed to manage work life balance. With an onsite fitness centre at YBC, going to work and exercising is a one stop shop, making it easier to find time for self-care on your lunchbreak or after work.

Another advantage is our campus restaurant, which offers a range of breakfast choices including freshly made porridge and pastries, as well as lunch options including a pick and mix salad bar, deli bar and different hot lunch menus every week.

If you’re looking to relocate to a science park, York Biotech Campus could be just the place. Find out more information here.