We have adapted over 10,000 sq ft of space onsite including the modification of 3,000 sq ft of laboratory space, for new occupier Cargill Bioindustrial.


Creating space for Cargill


We have adapted over 10,000 sq ft of space onsite, including the modification of 3,000 sq ft of laboratory space, in order to welcome an international organisation to the campus.

Cargill Bioindustrial, which is part of Cargill, a provider of food, agricultural, financial and industrial products to customers around the world, will be leasing the space. It delivers innovative and sustainable product solutions to industrial customers, including in the automotive, marine, medical, and food packaging sectors.

We have worked flexibly with Cargill Bioindustrial to create workspaces bespoke to its requirements, helping to facilitate teamwork and innovation between its staff and its customers.

The fitout includes a significant design change transforming two single labs and an office with lab space into one large open plan space to enable greater collaboration between teams. There will also be fitouts of specialised rooms, including soundproofed rooms to house loud equipment.

Cargill will also be taking over 5,000 sq ft of office space, and architects have been involved in the fitout of a large open plan kitchenette, break out space, focus pods and meeting areas.

Approximately 50 people will be moving into the office and lab space in March 2023, covering all functions within the business, from customer service and regulatory teams to synthesis and application scientists.

Liz Cashon, Innovation Campus Manager at York Biotech Campus, said: “We’re proud to create spaces that truly serve the needs of an organisation, which is why when Cargill came to us with the requirement for a more collaborative space to fuel innovation, we knew we’d be able to help.

“Welcoming an internationally successful business to site is testament to the reputation of the campus as a leading hub for bioscience. Already, Cargill feels part of our community and it’s exciting to see the team already sharing knowledge with other tenants through joining us at our campus networking events.”

Ian Hobday, Global Research and Development Director at Cargill, said: “We knew as we emerged from the pandemic and began to work from the office more, we needed a space that would allow us to innovate and collaborate with, and for, our customers. With this move to York Biotech Campus, we are also joining a community and network of other innovative and scientific companies based here.”